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Letterhead Design Services

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The majority of people ignore the role letterheads play in boosting a company’s image. It is considered a minor aspect.

However, a letterhead plays a considerable role in enhancing brand recognition. The lack of a letterhead is similar to receiving a resume without a name nor contact information.  Even if you wanted to, you would be unable to hire whoever sent the resume simply because it has no information.

Thus, the importance of letterhead to a company is the provision of information. It identifies you to the recipient and ensures they have enough contact information to respond to you directly.

Other reasons you need letterheads include:

  • To portray professionalism and commitment from your company.

Professionalism is vital in the business world.

It creates a positive first impression about your brand, enhances your reputation, and strengthens the business relationship.

Where there is professionalism, the odds of being served well are very high.

  • To use as promotional tools.

When someone opens a letter, the first item they will see is the letterhead.

If the letter transfers to the hands of several other people, your brand gains more exposure.

It is for this reason that your letterhead needs precision and specification. People should be able to know what your brand is all about at first glance.

  • To enhance brand image and boost company confidence.

A letter with a letterhead enhances visuals. Therefore, you, as the sender, will have more confidence when sending such a letter.

Letterheads should be catchy and noticeable, and that is why you must get a professionally designed letterhead.

Graphic Market has a stunning reputation in the graphic design world. We are one of the leading graphic design companies in the market.

On top of that, we have significant experience designing letterheads.

Through our services, you get the advantage of:

  • Accurate information. A letterhead should contain the company’s name, logo, and contact information. When people open your letters, the company’s information is the first thing that hits their mind. We ensure to put in the correct information when designing.
  • Legible and unique designs. Letterheads also need to have an outstanding design that draws attention. However, the design should not supersede legibility. The recipient should be able to read all information accurately. Our unique designs adequately find a balance between beauty and legibility.
  • A multitude of effects and finishes. And finally, when you need a cool effect or unique finish on your letterhead, we can make it happen. We will help your information stand out.

Catchy and professionally designed letterhead. Finally, with our services, you never have to worry about looking unprofessional. And it is not as expensive as you may think. After getting a professionally done letterhead (either as a PNG or JPEG), it will be easy to copy on the top of your letters without incurring any further costs.

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