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3D Product Package Design

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3D Product Package Design | 3D Visualization Services Nairobi

Studies show that people prefer and consume better visual information than audio and text, meaning that a picture is truly worth a thousand words. This concept greatly applies to consumers in the market.

You earn the attention and favour of consumers when you provide visual aids in your marketing efforts. Before, plain pictures were effective, and many businesses rolled with it. However, images won’t cut it anymore as 3D models take over the advertising game.

3D product models have proven impactful and better preferred because they carry the actual looks and feel. In addition, through 3D models, consumers will get a complete concept of your product. You won’t even need text to explain it further.

3D models allow businesses to create fantastic marketing visuals promoting uniqueness. Business owners can make their products stand out and attract more people to enhance sales through 3D modelling.

Additionally, 3D models assist businesses in the product development stage. It enhances the product development process by highlighting shortcomings and opportunities before the actual development.

This ensures that prototypes and final products are a success. In addition, it saves the costs of developing multiple prototypes to highlight potential problems with the final product.

Benefits of Using 3D Product Models in Advertising

  • Showcases non-photogenic products well.

If you are advertising a product that does not photograph well, you should consider getting a 3D product model. It will first eliminate the photography and editing process to make the product look good.

3D product modelling gives your products beautiful visuals ideal for advertising. The customers can see the product in the best light. This greatly applies to frozen products, processed and canned foods, fresh vegetables, and household appliances.

  • It helps to customize your theme.

3D product models help to create a customized model for your product. You can get the design customized for multiple scenarios. For example, you can get design customisation for sales, short-term offers, seasonal promotions, and new product launches.

3D product modelling allows the designers to make the changes digitally, easily. Therefore you can get several variants of the same product against different backgrounds and multiple themes. You can easily recycle a rendering from a Christmas sale for your new Year, valentine’s day sales. This saves your business capital in the long run.

  • Develops beautiful renderings.

When you go for 3D product models, you can get all the features that make the product more attractive to your customers. 3D models are an effective way of grabbing customers’ attention with clear, eye-catching renderings.

A feature-rich rendering will promote interest among your customers and help your product stand out. You can also improve its overall look, enhancing specific features through rendering for customers to get a better visual of the product.

Instead of going for the ‘standard’ look, opt for a beautiful 3D render.

  • It emphasises the unique product features and benefits.

3D product modelling is a great way to emphasise the unique features and benefits of the product. But, unfortunately, you cannot use a picture to adequately advertise the unique features and benefits of certain products.

For example, people need to see household appliances in 3D to learn about all the features and designs that make them a good purchase. This is where a 3D rendering comes in handy. The 3D product model lets consumers see the different parts at the back and front of the appliance to ensure it is a good purchase.

A great example is a TV. Consumers will often prefer a 3D product rendering to see the available slots. This is more about necessity than desire because consumers will buy according to their needs.

Who Makes 3D Models?

Graphic design and 3D model companies make 3D product models. They use 3D modelling software to design the models according to your specifications and goals. Graphic Market is a graphic design company that makes impressive 3D product models.

Our multiple years of service have taught us to serve you better. Therefore, we invest in high-quality software to create realistic 3D models of your products for advertising and product development. We are also ever-improving our techniques to provide you with the best services.

Additionally, we are fast and affordable. So trust us with your needs, and you can soon join our records of satisfied customers. Graphic Market is your ideal solution for 3D product modelling.


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